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5CX-140 Series Installation Notes

Mount the controller to an appropriate heat sinking surface. Avoid mounting the controller to a thermal insulating surface which may cause excessive internal temperatures and damage the unit. Attach a means of measuring temperature at the point where control is desired. It is very important to mount the sensor probe as close to the heater as possible to reduce the thermal time constant between sensor and heater.

Adjust the set temperature adjustments to the approximate center of rotation. Turn the bandwidth control full counterclockwise and then clockwise approximately 1/8th turn. Connect a lamp or other voltage indicating device across the load. Apply power to the unit and observe that the load is energized. The load voltage will be uninterrupted until the load temperature approaches the controller's set temperature. Proportional control operation near the set temperature is indicated by the load voltage being turned on and off by the controller approximately once every second. Longer on or off periods indicate the need for a wider bandwidth adjustment (clockwise) until the controller is in complete proportional control of the load.

Optimum setting of the bandwidth control is that point which reduces temperature excursion of the load to a minimum. Observe the temperature of the load. If temperature excursions are noted, gradually increase (clockwise) the bandwidth setting until the smallest load temperature excursion is obtained. NOTE: Full counterclockwise setting may be optimum, if no temperature excursions are noted.

NOTE: Since the sensor is not isolated from the AC line voltage, caution should be taken to ensure that sensor leads are not grounded.

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