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For Fiber Optic Components and Laser Diodes. . .

Our customized TEC Controllers are widely used for OEM Fiber Optic Component and Laser Diode commercial products.

  • Telecom coolers.
  • Laser diode temperature control.
  • WDM temperature control (Wavelength Division Multiplexer).
  • DWDM temperature control (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer).
  • AWG temperature control (Arrayed Waveguide).
  • FBG temperature control (fiber Bragg grating).
  • and temperature control for other temperature sensitive fiber optic components.
  • And our standard controllers are used in Q&A, university projects, or the laboratory.

    Temperature Control of Fiber Optic Components and Laser Diodes

    If you need to control the temperature of electronic or fiber optic components, you are probably considering a small resistive heater or TE (peltier) module. The TE module is a common choice for temperatures near or lower than ambient because they can cool as well as heat. A resistive heater may be a good choice for high temperatures. Our customers are generally looking to control DC voltage TE modules or heaters.

    Start your R&D with our standard controllers. More power and feature rich, they will help you define your requirements. Standard TEC Controllers (TECC) are at the top of our Descriptive Index. These have PC communications, but you only use that for PC based configuration or monitoring, or for operation from your own custom program. Otherwise, these can run stand-alone.

    Depending upon the overall dynamics of your thermal system, it is possible to achieve a laser diode or fiber optic component spectral stability of ±0.1 nm (±0.001 Absorbance Units) or better using one of the standard controllers.

    Unlimited Potential

    Quality Custom Solutions and Outsourcing . . . If you are building a controller into a product, customization is the key to lower cost and a controller that has the "perfect fit". Major players in the fiber optics industry are using our custom built products and services.

    Switch to different thermistors, or to Platinum RTD, or to thermocouples. Switch communications to I2C. Customize the circuit board and then go to SMT. UL approval, certified medical, military spec, etc. We have done it all.

    Fast Track your OEM Product

    Give your design cycle a kick start . . . our expert advice can save you time and effort in helping to determine an effective thermal system.

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